" From Archimedes to DaVinci "

Subject background/Inspiration

After exploring the history of inventions from the era of Archimedes to the years of Da Vinci, teams are invited to pick their favorite invention, 'tease' it by either changing the form of energy it uses to operate or the way it is controlled (from mechanical to programmable). Ultimately students should develop their own inventions that fit into a broader functional theme and incorporate technologies of our time. The inventors of the 21st century are here!

The Rules

The rules of the primary school category are very simple and similar to the rules followed in the case of the Panhellenic Open category.

Needed Infrastructure

Teams are allowed to use any kind of materials, including LEGO bricks. However it is necessary to use two sensors from the LEGO Education WeDo kit. Also, the teams' projects need to include at least 2 automations, using the LEGO Education WeDo sensors, hub and motors. As for the software, the only software that is allowed in the participation is Scratch, which is free software that has been designed by MIT University.

On the day of Competition

On the day of the competition, participating teams may bring their robotics structure ready from their home. The only thing that they are asked to do is prepare their booth and present their project to the judges, who will later evaluate it. The judges will evaluate both the concept of the project, and the development of the project's code (software).